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At New Orleans Limo Service, we have the largest and most versatile fleet that you'll find in the entire state of Louisiana. There are no luxury transportation needs that we can't cater to. We have limousines, party buses, charter buses, shuttles and even exotic rentals. Have a look over our fleet and decide which vehicle(s) suits you the best. Give us a call and we'll reserve it for you and have one of our professional and courteous drivers help you to make a day or night to remember!

40 Passenger Party Bus

This is not only one of our largest buses but also one of the largest party buses in the entire New Orleans metropolitan area! In many cases, a large party bus is no more than a glorified touring vehicle but that is not the case with this recently updated part of our fleet. A state of the art light show definitely tops off a long list of great amenities!

30 Passenger Party Bus

This particular bus puts an extra emphasis on the 'party' in 'party bus'. Even in comparison to our other vehicles, the sound system is monstrous. High Definition TVs, a new interior and several other features make this the ultimate party on wheels for yourself and three dozen of your friends!

24 Passenger Limo Bus

One of the most attractive party buses on the road in Louisiana, this is a first-class coach that has had its interior completely refurnished to compete with any party bus! For a smooth ride and all of the luxuries of a limousine, our 24 passenger limo/party bus is a great choice.

22 Passenger Elite Party Bus

For many, this is considered the Elite party bus for any occasion! With all of room of a large- sized coach but with the amenities that are expected from the best of our limousine buses, this particular model manages to personify both luxury and practicality.

20 Passenger Deluxe Party Bus

Another large party bus that has limo features, the sound system in this 38-40 passenger vehicle is something to experience. It is like a nightclub on wheels and provides plenty of space to dance and move around. Definitely a favorite for fun-filled events.

18 Passenger Party Bus

This large party bus is very roomy, has the added amenity of a restroom on-board and is very versatile. This vehicle is rented for a wide array of different events and occasions. There is only one of its type in the New Orleans area so call us for availability.

14 Passenger Limo Bus

This limo bus would be great for any formal occasion that may come up for yourself and loved ones. The interior design of this one is new and completely customized. For small-to-mid sized groups, this is oftentimes the first choice.

Hummer Limo

If you have up to 18 passengers, you'll love our Hummer limo. This Hummer limo has elegant styling and bar accents and brand-new leather interior. Great for a wedding or any special occasion. This is a refreshing update on the classic limo.

8 Passenger Limo Bus

The exterior of this certified limo bus does turn heads but as they say, "It's what's on the inside that counts" ... This baby is absolutely packed with great features that will make any night more fun and also, the styling is ideal for great pictures of your night out.

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