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- Pricing Policies -


You could ask any of our tens-of-thousands of past clients - we're always consistently fair with our pricing. This is one of the main reasons that we've been able to provide the best luxury vehicle service in the metropolitan New Orleans area for so long. As they say, "Don't judge a book by its cover". That could easily be applied to the ways in which our company does business because a simple glance at our site shows some limos, party buses, exotic rentals and even shuttles that all carry quite the price tag. That's no matter. We've been able to amass such a wonderful fleet of vehicles for your services by remaining steady, professional, courteous and dedicated. We've had the same pricing policies since the day that we opened up our shop and we'll continue with them. They work as follows ...

In the limousine and party bus industry, a company that is reasonable with their rates isn't one that will offer flat rates on their website, or in any other form. Companies like ours tend to find specific factors about your particular needs that can lower your rental's price. That is the precise reason why we always state to "call us" or to Contact Us with as much information that you know at this point and we'll work out a special rate for you. Many different variables come into play when finding your price and all of our booking agents are well aware of them and use them to their best capability.

The day of the week that you plan to book your event with us could factor into your price quote. Also, the time of year that you are booking for may lend you an additional discount. How much advance notice you have when you call can save you a bit, at times. It should also be noted that we have event-specific packages (like weddings, etc) that can help you to save and focus more on your important day than the price of your limo or party bus. The vehicle's availability also matters. Our office staff will work with you - using all of these things - to give you a much lower rate than you expect. We'll say it again: Call us for a quote!

New Orleans Limo Service